Monday, November 5, 2012

Some Stuff from First Term

These works are from my first term Vis-Com class. I had a lot fun in that class. I am a person who is not very good at organizing stuff. I always lost my thumb drive. so it might be a good way to storage all my work on my blog.....This class is a good memory for me. It's on Monday 8:00 in the morning. Most of the time will work on homework until really late.....and go to pick up my two other product friends go to school. We all did not have lots sleep....They all tired and quiet, only me was all the way excited.... Sometime I'll even singing on the way, and I am terrible singer. I am simply happy because this is the only class I had at first term allow me  draw stuff!

This is my final project for my study model class. I put my friend from Transportation Design major in that poster. The thing I learned the most in first term is from the other ID major students. The product and Trans people are so different from us...and they are awesome!!From the 2nd term, we have few class with them. The 3rd term will be totally split. I miss them a lot. All the memory from my first term were all my precious. I appreciate all my friends who encourage me in my first term. Some of them still study with me, most already on their own way now. But any way, wish them best of luck in the future.


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